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Sodium Phosphate

Sodium Phosphate is a compound that is made from the sodium ion and phosphate ion. It appears to be white in color and is generally available in the form of crystalline powder that does not possess any aroma. Be it mono sodium, di-sodium or trisodium, it has the same appearance in all its forms. Also considered as food additive to be used in the pharmaceutical industry for producing the finest quality medicines. Taking this aspect into consideration; we offer the mentioned compound in different forms to fulfill the diverse requirements.

Uses of Sodium Phosphate

  • Can be used as thickening and leavening agent in the bakery applications

  • Acts as an emulsifier for processing cheese

  • Regulates the level of pH for the processed foods

  • Finds usage in the making of detergents to soften water

  • When added in medicines, treats constipation

Di Sodium Phosphate - Anhydrous
Di Sodium Phosphate - Anhydrous
DP 08
Form : Powder
Ph Level : 9.1 - 9.5
Solubility : Soluble
Other Names : 1. Disodium hydrogen ortho phosphate. 2. Sodium hydrogen phosphate. 3. Sodium phosphate Dibasic. 4. Di Sodium phosphate
Classification : Inorganic Chemicals
Supply Ability : 20 MT Per Month
Price : 64-66 INR
Na2HPO4 12 H2O
Na2HPO4 12 H2O
Na2HPO4 12 H2O Dodeca Pure Chemical

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